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Drive Zone Car Simulator for iOS: iPhone, iPad

Dive into the world of street racing with Drive Zone Online iOS. Explore an expansive open world, customize your cars, and battle with other players. Download now for an unparalleled racing experience.

Drive Zone Online is a revolutionary car simulator game that brings the thrill of street racing to your iOS device. With its immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and endless customization options, it offers an unparalleled racing experience.

Game Details


Drive Zone Online is not just a game; it’s a journey into the heart of street racing. It’s a place where you can conquer the streets, engage in high-speed races, and battle with other players. The game offers a blend of racing, customization, and multiplayer action, making it a must-have for any racing enthusiast.

Game Overview

Drive Zone Online is set in an expansive open world, featuring a resort coastline that spans 20x20km. The game includes a city, desert airfield, racing track, airport, highway, beach area, port, and many other areas. You can explore these areas with up to 32 other players online, making the game a social experience as well.

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To enjoy Drive Zone Online, you need an iOS device with iOS 16.4 or later. The game is free to download, but it offers in-app purchases. It’s rated 12+ due to its realistic graphics and high-speed racing action.

Game Features

Endless Open World

One of the standout features of Drive Zone Online is its massive, seamless open world environment. Players can freely explore a sprawling 20x20km map that includes a resort coastline, city streets, desert airfields, racing tracks, airports, highways, beach areas, ports, and much more. The open world supports up to 32 players online simultaneously, allowing you to encounter other racers as you drive. With tens of kilometers of roads and hundreds of hidden bonuses scattered across the map, there is always something new to discover in Drive Zone Online’s expansive world.

Stunning Graphics and Sound

Drive Zone Online pushes the boundaries of mobile graphics to deliver a highly immersive and realistic racing experience. The game boasts cutting-edge visuals with detailed car models, dynamic lighting and shadows, and impressive environmental effects. Every vehicle features a meticulously crafted interior and fully animated parts like doors, hoods and trunks. The excellent sound design complements the graphics, with authentic engine noises and an exciting soundtrack that reacts to the on-screen action. Drive Zone Online’s advanced graphics settings allow players to fine-tune the visuals to achieve optimal performance on their device.

Drift Mode

For players who love the thrill of drifting, Drive Zone Online offers a dedicated Drift mode. Here you can compete with other players online to rack up the highest drift scores. Mastering the art of drifting is key to success, as you gracefully slide your car around corners and curves while maintaining speed. The realistic physics engine simulates the unique handling of different vehicles, requiring skill and finesse to execute perfect drifts. Drift mode is a great way to hone your technique or show off your sideways driving prowess to the world.

Car Race Mode

Of course, it wouldn’t be a racing game without the ability to go head-to-head against other players. Drive Zone Online’s Car Race mode pits you against rivals in intense multiplayer competitions where the first to cross the finish line wins. Races take place on a variety of challenging tracks in different environments. Aggressive driving and trading paint with opponents is all part of the fun, but you’ll need to avoid wrecking if you want to come out on top. With real-time multiplayer, every race is a unique and unpredictable experience.

Skill Test Mode

For an extra challenge, check out Drive Zone Online’s Skill Test mode. Here you’ll race through obstacle courses and stunt tracks featuring jumps, loops, and other crazy terrain. The objective is to set the fastest time while successfully navigating all the hazards. Skill Test mode encourages creative and daring driving as you attempt to shave precious seconds off your lap times. String together the perfect run and you’ll shoot up the global leaderboards.

Driving School

If you’re new to racing games or want to improve your driving abilities, Drive Zone Online’s Driving School is the perfect place to start. Through a series of lessons and challenges, the game will teach you the fundamentals of car control, cornering techniques, and more. You can test drive many different vehicles to find one that suits your style. The Driving School is a great way to get a feel for the game’s physics and earn some bonus rewards while you’re at it.

Auto Market

Drive Zone Online features an in-game marketplace where players can trade cars and customization items with each other. You can sell your unwanted vehicles and parts for credits or purchase rare and valuable upgrades from other players. The Auto Market adds an engaging player-driven economy to the game and provides an opportunity to acquire exclusive items you may have missed out on before. It’s also a fun way to interact with the Drive Zone Online community.

Tons of Tasks to Earn Rewards

There is no shortage of things to do in Drive Zone Online thanks to its abundant missions, quests, and achievements. Completing specific objectives will net you rewards like credits, experience points, and unique customization unlocks. Tasks can range from reaching a certain speed, drifting a set distance, achieving a high jump, or simply exploring the map. Working through the game’s myriad challenges provides a sense of progression and accomplishment as you earn new content. The sheer variety of tasks means there’s always a fresh goal to pursue.

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In conclusion, Drive Zone Online is a feature-rich iOS racing game that offers endless entertainment for car enthusiasts. Its vast open world, stunning presentation, realistic driving physics, and wealth of gameplay modes make it one of the most ambitious and polished mobile racers available. With regular updates adding new content and events, Drive Zone Online promises to keep players engaged for countless hours of high-speed fun.

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