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Drive Zone Online Mod APK

Download Drive Zone Online Mod APK for an ad-free racing experience with unlimited money, cars, and exclusive features. Get the ultimate gameplay now!

Game Details

Overview of the Game

In Drive Zone Online, players can participate in various racing formats, including street racing, drift racing, and drag racing. The game also allows players to invite friends and explore the city together in multiplayer mode, accommodating up to 32 players online. The open world includes diverse areas such as city streets, desert airfields, racing tracks, highways, beach areas, and ports, with tens of kilometers of roads and hundreds of hidden bonuses on the map.


Drive Zone Online requires:

  • Android 5.1 or later
  • Size of 232 MB
  • At least 2 GB Ram

Game Modes

1. Open World

Immerse yourself in the expansive and dynamic Open World of Drive Zone Online. This game mode offers an unparalleled driving experience, allowing players to explore a richly detailed environment filled with diverse landscapes, bustling cities, and winding country roads. With no set objectives or time limits, the Open World mode is designed for those who enjoy cruising around and discovering hidden gems at their own pace. The open world is also populated with other players, enabling spontaneous street races, cooperative challenges, and social interactions that enhance the overall gaming experience.

2. Career

The Career mode in Drive Zone Online is tailored for players seeking a more structured and progressive gameplay experience. Start as a rookie driver and work your way up to become a legendary racer by participating in various events, challenges, and races. As you progress through your career, you’ll earn reputation points, unlock new vehicles, and gain access to more prestigious racing events. This mode offers a captivating storyline, engaging characters, and a realistic representation of the motorsport world, making it an ideal choice for those who crave a sense of accomplishment and growth.

3. Racing

Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of Drive Zone Online’s Racing mode, where you compete against other players or AI-controlled drivers in high-speed races across various tracks and locations. This mode features multiple race types, including sprint, drag, and time attack, each requiring a unique set of skills and strategies to emerge victorious. With realistic physics, stunning graphics, and intense competition, the Racing mode is perfect for those who love the thrill of pushing their driving skills to the limit.

4. Drifting

Showcase your driving finesse and control in Drive Zone Online’s Drifting mode. In this mode, the objective is to accumulate points by executing precise and stylish drifts around designated courses while maintaining high speeds. Compete against other players or challenge yourself to beat your personal best scores. With its focus on skill, technique, and showmanship, the Drifting mode is an excellent choice for those who enjoy mastering the art of driving and performing breathtaking stunts.

5. Circuit Racing

Drive Zone Online’s Circuit Racing mode offers a classic racing experience, pitting players against each other on various closed-circuit tracks. These races typically span multiple laps, requiring drivers to balance speed, strategy, and vehicle management to secure a victory. With a diverse selection of circuits, each featuring unique layouts and challenges, the Circuit Racing mode is perfect for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of competitive motorsport.

6. Skill Test

Put your driving abilities to the test in Drive Zone Online’s Skill Test mode. This mode features a series of challenges designed to evaluate and improve various aspects of your driving skills, such as precision, reaction time, and control. Compete against other players on global leaderboards or strive to beat your own records in these engaging and rewarding challenges. The Skill Test mode is ideal for those who enjoy honing their skills and striving for perfection.

7. Custom Game

Drive Zone Online’s Custom Game mode allows players to create and customize their own racing events, setting the rules, vehicles, tracks, and other parameters to their liking. This mode encourages creativity, experimentation, and social interaction, as players can invite friends to join their custom games and compete in unique, user-defined challenges. The Custom Game mode is perfect for those who enjoy crafting their own experiences and sharing them with others.

Game Features

Endless Open World Exploration

Drive Zone Online offers players an immersive and vast open world to explore. With a seamless map spanning hundreds of square miles, players can drive through diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to serene countryside, and everything in between. The game’s dynamic weather system and day-night cycle add to the realism, creating an ever-changing environment that keeps the exploration experience fresh and exciting. Players can discover hidden locations, collect rare items, and participate in various challenges scattered throughout the world. The open world design encourages players to create their own adventures, whether it’s embarking on a scenic road trip or engaging in high-speed pursuits with friends or rivals.

Car Tuning and Detailed Customization

Drive Zone Online offers an extensive car tuning and customization system that allows players to modify their vehicles to suit their unique style and performance preferences. With a wide array of options, including engine upgrades, suspension adjustments, and tire selections, players can fine-tune their cars to achieve optimal performance on various tracks and racing conditions. The game also features a comprehensive visual customization system, enabling players to personalize their vehicles with custom paint jobs, decals, body kits, and wheels. From sleek racing stripes to bold, eye-catching designs, the possibilities are endless. Drive Zone Online’s car tuning and customization features provide players with the tools to create their dream machines and stand out from the competition.

Stunning Graphics

Drive Zone Online boasts cutting-edge graphics that push the boundaries of visual fidelity in racing games. The game’s advanced rendering engine delivers breathtaking detail and realism, bringing the world and vehicles to life like never before. From the meticulously modeled car interiors to the dynamic reflections on the bodywork, every aspect of the game’s visuals is crafted with precision. The environments are equally impressive, with high-resolution textures, realistic lighting, and stunning weather effects that create an immersive atmosphere. The game’s optimized performance ensures smooth gameplay even during intense racing moments, allowing players to fully appreciate the visual spectacle without compromising on the overall experience.

Real-Time Multiplayer and Social Features

Drive Zone Online places a strong emphasis on multiplayer and social interaction. The game features a seamless online multiplayer system that allows players to connect with friends and other racers from around the world in real-time. Players can join or create online lobbies, participate in races, and engage in impromptu challenges with other players they encounter in the open world. The game also includes a robust social hub where players can showcase their vehicles, share photos and videos of their adventures, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. Clubs and crews provide opportunities for players to team up, compete in exclusive events, and earn rewards together. The game’s social features foster a vibrant and active community, making the experience of playing Drive Zone Online even more engaging and rewarding.

Character Customization

In Drive Zone Online, players can create and customize their own unique driver avatars to represent them in the virtual racing world. The character customization system offers a plethora of options, including facial features, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Players can mix and match various elements to create a driver that reflects their personality and style. From trendy outfits to classic racing attire, the customization options cater to a wide range of preferences. As players progress through the game and achieve various milestones, they can unlock additional customization items, allowing them to continually update and refine their driver’s appearance. The character customization feature in Drive Zone Online adds an extra layer of immersion and personalization to the racing experience.

Multiplayer Mode

Drive Zone Online boasts a robust multiplayer mode that allows players to compete against racing enthusiasts from around the world. The multiplayer system offers a variety of race types, including standard races, time trials, and elimination events, catering to different skill levels and preferences. Players can join or create online lobbies, inviting friends or challenging random opponents to thrilling races on a diverse selection of tracks. The game’s matchmaking system ensures that players are paired with competitors of similar skill levels, providing a fair and enjoyable racing experience. Drive Zone Online’s multiplayer mode also features leaderboards and rankings, allowing players to track their performance and strive to climb the global rankings. With the ability to form racing clubs and participate in club-specific events, the multiplayer mode fosters a sense of community and encourages players to connect and compete with like-minded individuals.

Community Support

Drive Zone Online places a strong emphasis on community support, providing players with various tools and platforms to connect, share experiences, and seek assistance. The game features an in-game chat system, allowing players to communicate with each other during races or in lobbies. Additionally, Drive Zone Online has dedicated forums where players can discuss strategies, share tips, and provide feedback to the developers. The game’s social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, keep players informed about the latest updates, events, and community highlights. Drive Zone Online also has a comprehensive customer support system, with a knowledgeable team ready to assist players with any technical issues or inquiries they may have. The developers regularly engage with the community, gathering feedback and implementing changes based on player suggestions, ensuring that the game continues to evolve and meet the needs of its dedicated player base.

Regular Updates and Live Events

To keep the game fresh and exciting, Drive Zone Online receives regular updates and content expansions. The developers continuously add new vehicles, customization options, tracks, and challenges to the game, ensuring that there’s always something new to discover and master. Additionally, the game features live events that take place in the open world, offering unique challenges and limited-time rewards. These events can range from special races with modified rules to scavenger hunts and cooperative tasks that require teamwork to complete. The regular updates and live events keep the Drive Zone Online community engaged and coming back for more, making it a game that players can enjoy for months and even years to come.

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Top Features Unlocked by Drive Zone Online Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The feature of unlimited money in Drive Zone Online Mod APK is a game-changer for players. It eradicates the need to accumulate in-game currency through extensive gameplay or resort to real-money purchases. This feature ensures that players have unrestricted access to all the game’s resources from the get-go. With unlimited money, you can unlock any car, upgrade to the best performance parts, or customize your vehicle without the usual grind. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall gaming experience, allowing players to focus on enjoying the game’s content and mastering its challenges without financial constraints.

Cars Unlocked

Having all cars unlocked from the beginning is another standout feature of Drive Zone Online Mod APK. This eliminates the progression barrier that typically requires players to achieve certain milestones or spend real money to access different vehicles. Players can immediately select from a wide range of cars, including vintage classics, high-performance supercars, and off-road beasts. This access encourages experimentation with different vehicle types, driving styles, and customization options, significantly enriching the gameplay experience. It allows players to find their perfect ride for every race or challenge without the wait, making the game more engaging and enjoyable.

Mod Menu

The Mod Menu in Drive Zone Online Mod APK introduces a customizable gameplay experience, allowing players to toggle various cheats and enhancements according to their preferences. This feature provides a level of control over the game’s difficulty and mechanics, enabling players to tailor their experience. Whether it’s adjusting car speed, enabling god mode for invincibility, or activating unlimited drift points, the Mod Menu empowers players to modify the game to suit their playstyle. This flexibility can make the game more accessible to beginners or provide a fresh challenge for veterans, keeping the gameplay exciting and varied.

Ad-Free Experience

An ad-free experience is a highly valued feature in any mobile game, and Drive Zone Online Mod APK delivers just that. Ads can be intrusive, breaking the immersion and flow of gameplay with unwanted interruptions. By removing ads, the mod APK ensures that players can enjoy uninterrupted racing action. This creates a more seamless and enjoyable gaming environment, where the focus remains on the thrill of the race and the beauty of the game’s world. An ad-free experience also means quicker access to gameplay after launching the game and smoother transitions between races or menu screens, contributing to a more polished and satisfying gaming experience. Each of these features significantly enhances the player’s experience in Drive Zone Online, making the game more enjoyable and tailored to individual preferences.

Install non-modified version of Drive Zone Online

Pros & Cons


1. Vast open world spanning over 20km x 20km to freely explore, with diverse environments like cities, deserts, beaches, etc
2. Extensive car customization with 50+ vehicles, body kits, rims, liveries, and performance tuning options
3. Stunning, realistic graphics and detailed car models that push the boundaries of mobile gaming
4. Engaging multiplayer mode supporting up to 32 players for racing and social interaction
5. Wide variety of racing modes like street races, time trials, drift competitions, etc. to keep gameplay fresh


1. Requires a stable and fast internet connection to play in multiplayer mode

Installation Guide

Here are step-by-step instructions for installing Drive Zone Online Mod APK on Android:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources:
    Before downloading the mod APK, go to your Android device’s Settings > Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This allows installing apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Download the Drive Zone Online Mod APK
  3. Locate and Install the APK:
  4. Once the download is complete, open your device’s File Manager and navigate to the Downloads folder (or wherever you saved the APK file). Tap on the Drive Zone Online mod APK file to begin installation. If prompted, confirm that you want to install the app.
  5. Wait for Installation to Complete:
    The mod APK will now install on your device. This may take a few seconds to a minute depending on your device’s specs. Once done, you will see an “App installed” message.
  6. Launch Drive Zone Online:
    You can now open the game from your app drawer or home screen. The mod APK will have the same icon as the regular Drive Zone Online game. Tap on it to launch.
  7. Enjoy the Modded Features!
    You now have Drive Zone Online mod APK successfully installed on your Android device. The mod menu will provide access to exclusive features like unlimited money, unlocked cars, god mode, custom car tuning, and more. Use them to enhance your open-world racing experience!

Install Drive Zone Online on PC


Yes, the mod APK is safe.

The mod APK provides unlimited money, unlocks all cars, enables god mode, removes ads, and grants access to an exclusive mod menu with additional cheats and settings.

No, you will not get banned, as the mod APK has built-in anti-ban protection and is undetectable by the game servers. However, avoid using the mod in official tournaments or competitions.

Yes, the mod APK is 100% free to download and play. You don’t need to pay anything or complete surveys to access the modded features.

After installing the mod APK, launch the game and look for a floating mod icon on the screen. Tap it to open the mod menu where you can enable/disable various settings.

You need an internet connection to play the multiplayer mode and access online features. However, the single-player races and open world can be enjoyed offline.

The mod APK requires Android 5.1 or higher and at least 1 GB of free storage space. It works on most modern Android phones and tablets.

The mod APK is regularly updated whenever a new version of the official game is released. This ensures that you can enjoy the latest content and features. However, you need to manually download and install each time you want to download an updated version.


Drive Zone Online is like the top of a mountain in the world of phone games. It gives a super exciting adventure for people who love cars and even those who just like playing games for fun. The Drive Zone Online Mod APK enhances this experience by unlocking top features and providing unlimited resources. If you’re seeking an adrenaline-fueled journey with realistic physics, diverse challenges, and a vibrant community, welcome to the family of Drive Zone Online.